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Why is it called health care?

One of the most ironic things about our current health care system is that it its name is in contradiction to what it does. When you think of health care what comes to mind?

Do you think of people getting healthy, being happy and having a great life?

Or do you think about people that are sick or injured and are working on getting better?

Do you think of eating fruits and vegetables and taking supplements or do you think of medications and prescriptions?

Todays “health care” system is based on research that has been conducted within the last 300 years. It has evolved to focus mainly on working with people when they have a problem. One of the myths that have stemmed from this is that people feel healthy if they have an absence of pain. The reality is that true health is not just an absence of pain. It is about proactively making sure you are improving your body. A symptom of thinking no pain = health is that people will feel ok and then eat whatever they want and not realize the weight gain they are getting until it is too late. Another one is people will not exercise or not exercise enough and don’t realize that their muscles are going away (atrophy) until they need to do something physical and they can’t anymore.

Our health is constantly begin affected in many ways and will, by default, diminish and cause us problems unless we stay on top of things and actively manage our own health. To do this we should be seeing our doctor and other health professionals regularly for advice eon how to stay healthy rather than on how to deal with the current problem we are having. If we keep up with our health we will have a more fulfilled life and have our health last until we die rather than run out years before we die.

If our current system wants to be true to its name it needs to change and put a huge emphasis on preventative care rather than symptom management. Otherwise we should rename it sick care so we remember what it will do for us. Then we can focus on health care the way it has been done for millennia before our current system was created.


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