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Back Pain-Insider Secrets revealed-San Fran Gate 2012

Another great study to prove Chiropractic works well!

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Posted by:  Kevin G. Parker, D.C. 

Published by: Published 07:01 a.m., Thursday, June 28, 2012-SFGATE.COM

The Insider Secrets of Back Pain Treatment Revealed

Key Point:   “What makes the Mercer Report significant is that we have two highly respected medical researchers concluding that seeing a Chiropractor for back pain is not only the most effective treatment, but probably less costly than other forms of treatment!”-Dr. J G Moellendorf, DC, ND, LCP

Approximately 26% of U.S. adults have experienced back pain in the past three months.

Treatment ranges from rest to spinal surgery and everything in between.

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Chiropractor Dr. J G Moellendorf, DC, ND, LCP discusses recent research into the costs and effectiveness of various treatments for back pain.

Back pain is very common, affecting 85% of the U.S. population during their lifetime.

Spine-related problems cost an estimated $85 billion yearly, along with uncounted hours in…

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