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Part two of patients advice on Spinal Decompression

Here is Part two of the article:


Patients share tips on experiences with spinal decompression

In this section, patients share tips and advice about using non-surgical spinal decompression to treat their back problems.

Spinal Decompression Therapy is FDA cleared and has several health benefits. Every year it gives hundreds of patients an option besides surgery. However, spinal decompression therapy and the physicians performing this therapy are not all created equal. You need to find a Clinic that performs a protocol that is specifically tailored for your problem. The clinic must do a full spectrum of therapies with the spinal decompression therapy in order for your results to be better. We recommend that you go into the facility for a free consultation. Whether it is a chiropractor or a Medical Doctor it doesn’t matter. We have found that the Chiropractors spend more time and are more hands-on with their patients as compared to the Medical Doctors; this allows them to custom tailor your therapy depending on how well you progress. A good Spinal Decompression Therapy Protocol should include Bracing, Modalities such as; Ice, Heat, EMS (electrodes), Massage, SOT Blocking, Core Strengthening and Sacral Stabilization Bracing. Only 10% of the Insurance Companies pay for Spinal Decompression (using CPT Code S9090). Normal Costs for each session should be around $125 – $150 for everything.

From: Decompression Doctor

Spinal decompression pointers for new patients
Pain intensity relief from spinal decompression

I have herniation at L5-S1 with 2 nerves compressed, herniation at L4-5 with 1 nerve compressed and spondylolisthesis, and other similarities at other areas but without herniation. I have had 14 treatments on the DRX9000. My pain level went from a 10 to about a 7 but I went from having pain 80% of the time to 100% of the time. I am seriously thinking about stopping the treatment and discussing surgery. Hopefully this helps someone researching their decision.

From: Shane – Louisiana, USA

Spinal decompression kept me out of surgery

I had two herniated discs at the lowest two levels. I tried PT…which made me worse; epidurals, which had no effect; and muscle relaxers. Nothing helped. My Ortho suggested I see a Chiropractor who specialized in spinal decompression therapy. Within two weeks I was 90% better. I don’t know whom I love more, my Chiropractor or my Orthopedic doctor who recommended the spinal decompression. This was a lifesaver for me. It lasted 5 weeks and cost 4500. Would have paid double, as it kept me from surgery. Highly recommended.

From: Jim – Georgia, USA

Watch out for a hard sell on decompression

Spinal decompression is a tool that may be used in Chiropractic Care. Just like any other tools, it is only as good as the person using it. When you go in for a consultation, by the time you leave if you still do not understand what your health problem is and what options you have (including decompression) then visit another chiropractor until you find one that make you a part of the healing process. The more you know the better you are able to make the right choices for your health. Does spinal decompression work? Yes it does. Will it work by itself? No, it will not. You need other therapy to aid and speed the healing, and keep the progress you have achieved. If you are already in pain, you have nothing to lose by trying decompression. You can always choose surgery later. If you choose surgery first, you have just knocked yourself out of trying safer options later. I am not a doctor. I do marketing for a couple of doctors who use spinal decompression. I truly believe the difference between successful decompression and not successful is the other work that must be done before and after the decompression. If, after your visit to a chiropractor, you feel like you just had a sales job done on you, keep looking. If you leave feeling that you now have a better understanding of your problem, and what you need to do fix it, then go forward. God bless and best of luck.

From: Chuck – Kentucky, USA

Success with decompression for low back pain

I have a disk protruding in my lower back. I lived with leg and lower back pain for 8 months before seeking care. Initially they tried ultrasound and electric therapies without improvement or relief. After ordering an MRI and actually seeing the disk it was determined I was a candidate for decompression. I went 3-4 times a week for about a month. From the first treatment I saw vast improvement. I am 31 years of age and do light factory work.

I think the key to getting good care is to be open and honest with your doctor. I told him the current treatment was not acceptable and he suggested an MRI and then decompression. My doctor also told me that if I had had fusion that I would not have been a candidate. Could this be the problem with an earlier post?

Although my back will probably never be as good as new, my back pain is gone on all but the most straining of days and doesn’t hurt the next day anymore. Because of this I would not hesitate to have spinal decompression again.

From: Mark – Ohio, USA

Decompression helped my low back pain by 75%

Three years ago, something shifted in my lower back and the pain brought me to my knees. From that moment on I have lived in pain. My list of treatment included the following: Rx, orthopedic consult, physical therapy, MRI (misdiagnosed as degenerative disc disease in L4-L5 region, just a sign of aging). Began chiropractic therapy which helped but I wouldn’t hold the adjustments and the pain came back. My current chiropractor (this is my second one) requested another MRI. Bingo, found out it was L5-S1 degeneration, herniated disc and narrowing of the foramen supplying innervation to the left leg. Bone was actually rubbing on bone! I was recommended for spinal decompression therapy. I began treatment on the DRX9000 and have 23 treatments to date. The results….I have felt better than I ever had! I can exercise again. I am still dealing with muscle weakness but have no more sciatica. No more creaking and popping followed by burning in my lower back. I have not had chiropractic adjustment now for three weeks! Does the DRX9000 work? In my situation YES! The data claims 86% success. In my situation it is 75% successful. I take those odds over 30% success rate for surgery any day. As far as the financial issue, that expense was far less than having to give up my job and income.

From: Theresa – Texas, USA

I would recommend decompression for low back pain

I have osteoarthritis, hip joint pain and a bulging disc. I have tried chiropractic sessions, cortisone shots, therapy, heat, ice, etc. I saw an ad in a newspaper for a new treatment for back pain at a local chiropractor and decided to try it. The treatment consists of a decompression table and the initial treatment course was 12 sessions over several weeks. My insurance has taken care of most of the cost. It does provide relief (after a day of recovery) for several days, but now I go about once a week for decompression. I would recommend it (and have) for someone with back pain but I have had my problems for so long that I don’t think it is as effective for me. I have been getting frustrated with my condition (I am only 33 years old) and am considering surgery.

From: Stacey Robbins – Missouri, USA

Decompression helped my lower back pain

I originally went in for the spinal decompression. I had been suffering from severe pain on my lower back. I couldn’t bend without feeling like something pinching me. My movement daily was simply limited. I found a doctor who tried decompression and I am almost 100% better. I could not stop thanking him .

From: Samantha – New York, USA


* Note: This page expresses the experiences and opinions of patients, not doctors. The Back-to-Back forum is provided because we think people often have very practical advice and insights to share that can benefit other patients who have similar back problems. This section has not been peer reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board, and is provided for your informational purposes only.

If you have questions about your specific condition or treatment approach, please go through this site to read peer-reviewed health information about spinal conditions, diagnosis and treatment options. The quickest way to locate information on the site is to use the “keyword search” located in the upper left hand corner of each page.


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