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OSHA Report On Illness And Injury Prevention

Here is a great article about OSHA. You should check it out!

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In the four decades since OSHA was signed into law workplace deaths and injuries have declined by more than 60 percent – great news for both employers and employees. According to “Injury and Illness Prevention Programs,” (January 2012 OSHA white paper) there is still work to be done though. More than 4.1 million workers sustain a “serious job-related injury or illness” each year and approximately 12 fatalities occur every day, according to the report.

U.S. businesses pay more than $1 billion per week ($60 billion/year) in worker compensation fees. Imagine what this is doing to the competitiveness of these companies’.

OSHA estimates that taking a more proactive approach could reduce workplace injuries by up to 35% for companies that do not currently have a safety and health program and 12.4% for those that do. Annual savings for American business would be in the $9-23 billion range.

And that’s just in…

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