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iBike: “Why is Chiropractic so good for cyclists and endurance athletes?”

Randy: “Chiropractic optimizes the biomechanical function of our bodies.  By getting the joints, soft tissues, and nervous system working together more efficiently, you move closer towards optimal performance.  With cyclists, I see consistent lumbrosacral joint restriction, which causes low back muscle tension and pain.  Along with that, I’ll typically see sacroiliac joint restrictions and gluteal muscle knotting, especially in the gluteus medius.  If you think about it, cyclists are perched on the saddle doing the same movement over and over, thousands of times. So, if there’s any sort of biomechanical stress or postural imbalance, it just gets repeated and amplified over the length of the ride.”


Retreived from http://ibikeblog.com/power-through-posture-you-could-be-losing-speed-power-and-efficiency/ on October 10, 2012


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