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Anyone have the same problems that this blog writer is having with conceiving a baby? If so check out this blog post. Also check out the section of our website that talks about Pre-conception…


Your nervous system controls and regulates every cell, tissue and organ of your body. We locate interferences to this brain-to-body and body-to-brain communication. The moving bones along the spinal column are common culprits.

Infertile couples are often found to have neurological compromise in their lower spine, compromising the function of their reproductive organs. Restore nervous system communications and voila! A more regular menstrual cycle. Optimal uterine function. And restored fertility.

To read more, go to:http://www.OgdenFamilyChiropractor.com/doctor/chiropractor/354S/chiropractic-Ogden/pregnancy.htm

"Wish" and "Want" Trip the Feet...

Don’t know why I had hoped that the spotting wouldn’t come back. I almost made it a week without it. I should have known it would come back. I should have know better.

So here I am on CD 12 with my hopes of ovulating this cycle crushed. I can’t understand the dissapointment of a BFN pregnancy test when I can’t even ovulate properly! I’m sure that any woman trying to get pregnant over some time feels a little jealousy when people around them keep getting pregnant and having babies. I get jealous when women are waiting to take a pregnancy test.

I’m getting resigned to the fact that I’ll need the hystereoscopy done. I check on my insurance website to see how much it would cost me and I’m looking at something around 1 grr!!! It costs 2grr to have a baby and it costs 50% of that for…

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