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What is Chiropractic and How Does It Help?

Chiropractic Education

Those that practice Chiropractic do so because it gives relief to many from pain. It is a form of health care that has a focus towards the body’s structure (mostly the spine area) and the function of the structure. Those who practice the art of chiropractic are called “doctors of chiropractic, chiropractors, or chiropractic physicians”. They basically use hands on therapy referred to as “manipulation” or “adjustments”.

Those who seek chiropractors often suffer from musculoskeletal ailments that involve bones, connective tissue (cartilages), joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. There is a risk of injury from having your neck adjusted and a lower risk from having your back adjusted. You should investigate these risks before agreeing to participate in this therapy. It is also important to let your entire healthcare team know about all treatments you are thinking about engaging in.

Chiropractics believe that the structure of the body and the corresponding…

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