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“Flu” Season?

Another great article!


It’s “flu” season, right? Wrong!!! It’s Halloween candy, processed carbohydrates, sweets, holiday deserts and drinks season; all of which have been shown to decrease the function of your immune system according to my previous post on sugar and immunity seen here. (http://drkempff.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/sugars-side-effect-on-your-immune-system/).

Do you really think the “flu bug” from pigs and birds and whatever else only migrates here once a year in November and December? That would be silly… People get sick because they engage in lifestyle habits that suppress their immune system. Whether, or not someone gets sick, or “catches a cold” is always a direct result of the health of the host, you! What else would explain the fact that many people in a room can be exposed to the same bacteria, or pathogen and only some get sick? It’s because those that got sick had a previously compromised immune system; it’s not normal to…

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