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Tip for knee and hip pain: Go down the stairs backwards

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When I first developed knee issues, I found it extremely painful to walk down the stairs normally.  I would limp down in an awkward way, trying to find a way to move that wouldn’t hurt my knees so much.  Of course these awkward, tense movements ended up placing a great deal of strain on my hip flexor muscles (the muscles in the front of the hips), and I ended up with some pain there too.

When I finally went to aquatic physical therapy, I found that the stairs to get into the pool were designed for patients to walk down backwards.  I was amazed at how much better it felt, and suddenly I couldn’t believe I’d never thought of it before.

When you go down steps forwards, your hip and knee joints have to bend significantly.   But when you go down backwards, your knees and hips remain in…

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