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Stress in the Workplace – Another Reason to Seek Massage Regularly

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As I have stated in previous blog posts, one great reason to seek massage or bodywork is for stress reduction.

The following article from MassageMag.com lists some alarming statistics.

Workplace Stress a Growing Health Hazard

Concordia study finds visits to doctors has risen 26 percent among workers in high stress jobs

Montreal, August 25, 2011 — Job-related stress is catching up with workers. A new study by Concordia University economists, published in BMC Public Health, has found that increased job stress causes workers to increasingly seek help from health professionals for physical, mental and emotional ailments linked to job stress. Indeed, the number of visits to healthcare professionals is up to 26 percent for workers in high stress jobs.

“These results show that people in medium-to-high stress jobs visit family doctors and specialists more often than workers with low job stress,” says first author Sunday Azagba, a Ph.D. candidate in…

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