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Is Your Head on Straight?


forward leaning head

From the side, your ear should be centered directly above the middle of your shoulder.

How many times when you were growing up did you hear a parent or respected adult tell you to, “Get your head on straight!” This usually followed some serious lapse in judgment that surprised everyone – including yourself – when you realized the error of your ways!

But it really is possible that your head’s not on straight and that can cause all types of problems – physical ones – that may have nothing to do with your judgment!

Your posture may provide one reason for your head not being on straight. Upon examination of many of our patients, we discover a condition known as “Forward Head Posture.” This condition results from the loss of the normal curve in the upper cervical spine, usually as a result of poor posture or some type of uncorrected trauma. Many jobs today require long hours sitting in front of a computer or driving in a car, both of which may contribute to this condition.

Forward head posture usually produces some type of pain or discomfort, which may include headaches, sleep apnea, and pain in the neck, shoulders, back and arms.

Chiropractic care can be effective in reversing forward head posture, returning the cervical spine to its normal C-curve, reducing pain and preventing further degeneration in the spine. Sleeping on a pillow that supports your cervical spine can be helpful. (Ask for more details on your next visit.)

Do you work on a computer for long periods? Or drive for many hours a day? Make sure that you take frequent breaks and that you focus on your posture, making sure you are sitting up straight with your head in an upright position. When your head is on straight, you should feel no pulling in your neck muscles.

If you have any concerns about forward head posture or are experiencing the type of pain described here, please be sure to mention it to us when you come in for your next visit. We want to help you get your head on straight!


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