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Great information! We would love to help anyone that is having infertility problems.

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 Today I wanted to share a great story that a local news station in Omaha Nebraska did on Chiropracticand Infertility. It features the story of one woman who became pregnant after 3 months of chiropractic care when other infertility treatments had failed her. For any couple wishing to have a child, this story represents real hope.

But it’s just one women and one situation and if you saw this segment on your evening TV, it would be easy to dismiss the story as a coincidence. The critical question is…how many others infertile women have chiropractic helped and what is the likelihood it will work for me?

The doctor in the story explains how spinal adjustments can aid fertility issues. His explanation is that adjustments ensure that the nerves which send signals to the ovaries and other reproductive organs are transmitting properly. One of the basic tenets of chiropractic care…

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