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Can Chiropractic Help Fevers?

Childhood Fevers: Fact vs. Fear

Your child wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming in pain. You run to her room to see what’s wrong and her whole body feels as though it is on fire. A temperature reading indicates a fever. You’re anxious – what should you do?

Most parents 
over react to this perfectly natural function of the immune system.

Most parents over react to this perfectly natural function of the immune system.

First of all, you need to understand the purpose of a fever. Fevers are a perfectly natural function of the body’s immune system, triggered to battle bacteria or a viral infection. Fevers are an innate defense mechanism of the body; fighting infection and enhancing the body’s immune system to ward off invaders that could harm your child.

Why would you want to hamper your child’s natural defenses by artificially reducing her temperature?

While some parents worry about the risk of seizures associated with high fevers, only about 4% of children with fevers ever experience seizure activity. When seizures do occur, although they may be scary to witness, they rarely result in any long-term damage to a child’s natural development or cause diminished mental capacity.

If you interfere with a fever’s natural progression by administering a fever reducer, you may actually prolong the recovery time!

It’s important to remember that a fever is merely a symptom—not a disease. Have your child evaluated if he or she…

  • Experiences convulsions
  • Has difficulty waking up
  • Complains of neck pain with the fever
  • Is drooling or can’t swallow

Children with fevers often present with vertebral subluxations and thus often respond favorably to chiropractic spinal adjustments. Many parents have reported a measurable decrease in body temperature within an hour or two of having their child adjusted—without any drug intervention. So the next time your child has a fever, think natural. Call our office! 


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