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Don’t Feed Them That!

Don’t Feed Them That!

Childrens Health

It surprises many to learn that honey can pose a danger for infants.

It’s so much fun to watch babies and small children as they become aware of the different tastes associated with solid foods! Some seem to like everything that you put in front of them; others turn their noses up at foods that are not pleasing to their palates!

And, while we would all like nothing more than to raise healthy eaters who aren’t food fussy, there are definitely certain foods that babies and toddlers should avoid.

Some of these include:

Choking hazards, such as nuts, hard candies, whole grapes, marshmallows, pop corn, melon balls and other large pieces of fruit, raw vegetables, frankfurters (hot dogs), large pieces of meat, and peanut butter

Honey – may cause botulism, a severe form of food poisoning that can result in death, particularly in children under the age of two

Common allergens, such as shellfish, eggs, berries, nuts, dairy products, chocolate and wheat

Sugary foods, such as carbonated beverages, sweets, butter and other fats that may be too difficult for a child to digest

Some of these foods are better introduced to an older child, while some should never be introduced (sugar, sugary snacks).

Feeding babies and small children involves a lot of common sense for the most part, especially when it comes to the size of the bites they put into their little mouths! Be sensible, smart and have your child adjusted on a regular basis to keep him or her safe and allergy free. 


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