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Can Chiropractic Solve Bedwetting?


Every child who experiences it knows the shame, the embarrassment and the frustration of not being able to control it. Bedwetting… it erodes a child’s self-esteem and keeps them from participating in the sleepovers that are part of every young child’s social scene.

Slumber Party

Bedwetting can cause considerable shame and cause children to avoid social situations.

So…what can a parent do to help their child? Most simply take a “wait and see” approach until the child grows out of it. But several studies documented in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics show promising results using chiropractic care to help these children.

One study included 171 children who wet the bed seven nights a week. After some initial chiropractic care, the average child wet the bed only four nights. Twenty-five percent saw a 50% reduction in “wet” nights and 15% were considered “dry,” compared to only 1% prior to the study!

There is an area of the spine, the lumbar or sacrum, that houses the nerves that regulate the bladder. Misalignment in that part of the spine is thought to be one of the causes of bedwetting. Therefore, it is an especially good idea to have a spinal checkup on a child who suffers from bedwetting. The solution may be as close as our office!


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