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The Childhood Condition No One Wants to Talk About!

You receive a call from the nurse at your child’s elementary school to come in and pick up your child. When you ask what is wrong, she says she’ll talk to you about it when you get there. You get this sinking feeling in your stomach as you dash off to the school and when you arrive, the nurse motions you over to the side of her office and announces that your child is the latest “victim” of “head lice.” Just hearing the words makes your head feel itchy.

While head lice was once thought to be the result of bad hygiene, we know now that basically anyone who has hair can get head lice! In fact, there are millions of cases of head lice reported each year. The main indicator is a persistent itching of the scalp, particularly behind the ears.

Because it is highly contagious, it’s helpful if everyone in the home is treated for it at the same time. Treatment usually involves the application of over-the-counter preparations that kill active lice and their eggs. In addition, it is necessary to treat any areas that the infected person’s head may have touched, such as sheets, clothing, combs and brushes, etc., to prevent re-infestation.

A related condition is ringworm, a contagious fungal infection that appears on exposed skin areas. It is transferred through skin-to-skin contact, animals, and is even carried in house dust. It is more common in children prior to the onset of puberty. Ringworm starts out as a raised patch of itchy dry skin that eventually clears in the center and leaves a red ring. It will eventually disappear after several months.

While common, proper hygiene can reduce the chance of encountering these childhood conditions. Naturally, besides regular bathing we recommend periodic chiropractic checkups. Not only can this help keep their immune systems in tip-top condition, it can provide early detection of scoliosis, postural distortions and other neuromuscular-skeletal problems before they become serious.Image


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