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Can Reading Improve Your Health?


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Reading, because it relies on your imagination, is a great tool to keep your brain (nervous system) in tip-top shape.

Many understand the benefits of reading to children – the fact that it promotes “bonding” time, improves cognitive development and IQ scores, and is enjoyable for both the child and the reader! But how many adults see the same benefits in reading for themselves? And more importantly, how many actually take the time to do it?

Shocking as it may seem, 1 in 4 adults didn’t read a single book this past year. That’s 25% of all adults! There’s your standard list of excuses – not enough time, too tired after work, have to do the household chores, would rather watch a good show on television, etc.

But did you know there are actual health benefits associated with reading a book? Consider the following:

• Reading provides a healthy escape from the stresses and anxiety of daily life.
• Reading is a great tool to keep your brain active and “tuned up,” in an effort to ward off conditions such as Alzheimer’s.
• Reading is a great way to expand your horizons, to “visit” places in your mind and enter into personal relationships with characters you might otherwise never meet in real life!
• Reading can help adults to improve their vocabulary, spelling and comprehension skills in much the same way as it helps children, proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks! After all – it’s never too late to learn if you forever remain teachable! 
• Reading helps you learn more about yourself and improve areas of your life you’d like to change – especially self–help books! Go into any bookstore or library, they’re loaded with them!
• Reading is a good activity to engage in while you exercise – killing two birds with one stone and making that treadmill far more enjoyable!

Make it a point to pick up a good book or magazine often – you just may find yourself more relaxed and better informed!


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