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Tension Headaches – Their Causes and Cures


Here are some basic facts about tension (stress) headaches. They usually affect women more often than men. Generally, you feel them coming on slowly, usually in the middle of the day. You can have daily headaches or they can occur episodically. They are the most common type of headache, affecting from 30% – 80% of all adults.

Tension headaches can be constant or intermittent...

The most common drugs used to numb headache symptoms can actually trigger more headaches!

Finding the cause of tension headaches can be problematic. They may be triggered by stress, fatigue, depression, certain activities in which you hold your head in the same position for a long time (such as working on a computer), anxiety, PMS or hormonal changes, repressed anger, sleeping in an abnormal position and teeth grinding. Spinal misalignments in the spine are common culprits too.

Many who experience tension headaches rely on non-prescription medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, to reduce the pain. Ironically, overuse of these drugs can actually trigger subsequent episodes of tension headaches!

Non-medical approaches may actually prove more beneficial. Relaxation therapy and biofeedback techniques, stress management, proper diet and nutrition (avoiding certain foods and additives that may cause tension headaches), massage and sleep can certainly help reduce the triggers that may cause your headaches.

Naturally, chiropractic care is extremely effective in reducing the frequency and severity of tension headaches. Several studies have shown chiropractic care to be as effective as antidepressant medication in treating this type of headache, and these same studies concluded that the benefits received from chiropractic care actually lasted longer after both methods of treatment were stopped.

If you suffer from frequent tension headaches, or know someone who does, please be sure to mention it to us on your next visit.

– See more at: http://www.ogdenfamilychiropractor.com/doctor/chiropractor/600S/chiropractic-Ogden/tension-headaches-their-causes-and-cures.htm#sthash.usQFrjGO.dpuf


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