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Time Management to Manage Stress?


What causes you the most stress in your life? Is it your job? Family? Kids? Outside commitments? Do you often wish that there were more than 24 hours in each day or that you could clone yourself?

Most of the stress we experience could be relieved with some time management skills that are easy to learn. All you need to do is practice! Try some of the following time management tips to gain more mileage out of your limited energy resources each day:

Clock Image

Many of us could benefit by more frequently using a little word to end our over committed lifestyle: no!

  • Make a “To Do” list and keep it reasonable. Prioritize what must be done vs. what would be nice to accomplish.
  • If you need to schedule any type of appointment (hair, nails, chiropractor, dentist, etc.) make it far enough in advance to get the first appointment of the day. This way you are in and out and on your way. After you’re done, you have the rest of the day to get other things accomplished.
  • Learn how to say “NO!” This is a biggie. Too often, we think someone won’t like us if we say no. But there are just as many people who might be angry with us if we say “YES” and infringe on time that needs to be put to better use elsewhere.
  • Consider your biological clock and your peak energy times. Do your more difficult tasks when your energy level is highest. You’ll be much more efficient.
  • Schedule your errands so you can do them all in one trip! This saves on gas too!
  • Avoid perfectionism. Being a perfectionist often makes you procrastinate because, whatever the task, you think it will never be good enough. Be realistic in your abilities and do your best, that’s all anyone expects anyway.

Practicing these and other time management skills helps you make the most of your time every day. Keep at it, until it becomes habit, and you’ll relax and enjoy life so much more.

– See more at: http://www.ogdenfamilychiropractor.com/doctor/chiropractor/345S/chiropractic-Ogden/time-management.htm#sthash.KyaliLGO.dpuf


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