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Overcoming Self-Doubt and Fear


Just remember, it’s better to have tried and failed, then never to have tried at all.

Have you ever noticed how some people tackle problems in their lives with grace and ease while others fall to pieces, cursing their lot in life and wishing to be anybody other than who they are? How is it that some people are better equipped to handle challenges and overcome their own self doubt and fear? Is it luck…or is it something else they’ve mastered through repeated trial and error?

Most people who face challenges, and the fear that goes along with them, have one thing in common – they view challenges as growth opportunities instead of something to be avoided. Ask yourself one question, “What are you afraid of?” Are you afraid you won’t get that raise if you ask for it? Afraid the girl you want to ask out on the date will say no? Afraid your apology won’t be well received? Afraid you’ll get lost if you travel to that new destination alone? Think about this, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Then…come up with ways to handle what might happen in each situation where you feel challenged. For example, you ask the boss for a raise and he/she says no. What next? You might ask for a reason. You might ask what you need to do to get a raise. You might ask if there is a raise freeze. You might ask what in your present job performance is standing in your way. Then you can either correct the situation or decide to look for another job. Either way – you will have confronted a fear and grown a bit stronger in your own eyes. You may even be pleasantly surprised and get a “yes” answer! But you’ll never know if you don’t take the risk in the first place.

There’s a saying, “It’s better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all.” This is true about almost anything worthwhile in life. It’s always better to confront the fear and fail; you never win by standing still! And think of how you’ll feel about yourself when you face a challenge no matter what the outcome is! Win, lose or draw – you’ll feel mighty proud that you at least had the courage to get in the game!


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